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Wire 2014: Week of innovative regions in Europe (Wire V)
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Wire 2014: Εβδομάδα καινοτόμων περιφερειών στην Ευρώπη (Wire V)
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12/06/2014 - 13/06/2014
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Aegli Zappiou Kipos Zappiou, Athens 10557, Greece
Αίγλη Ζαππείου
European Funding for Regional Development in 2014-2020 EU reformed Cohesion Policy (2014 -2020), the principle investment tool for delivering the Europe 2020 goals for growth, innovation and development, lies at the center of WIRE2014 attention. Designed to reinforce the strategic dimension of regional policy, EU cohesion policy for the period 2014-2020 reflects a new perspective for EU structural funds, one which relies on smart specialization strategies and builds synergies with other EU policies and funding instruments such as Horizon 2020 and INTERREG. The introduction of ‘Smart Specialisation Strategy’ in the regulation for the Structural and Investments Funds for 2014-2020 -a strategy to stimulate investments in sectors in which regions have a competitive advantage- poses a clear-cut break with previous EU strategies for funding. Aiming at eliminating innovation disparities in Europe by targeting at key growth sectors and adapting policies to territorial specificities, EU reformed cohesion policy promotes cooperation and synergies that will lead to a new R&D landscape in Europe. In that context, WIRE 2014 presents the key priorities for research, innovation, entrepreneurship and regional growth for the current programming period and displays the technical frame of EU funding for regional growth.
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Wire 2014 took place under the auspices of the Greek EU Presidency.
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